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Pneuma (2013) & Penny Syrup (2012)


Pneuma (2013) is a collaboration between artists, Julia Prudhomme, Shannon Lester and fellow grad students Kristin Burns, Kristin Aleklett, & David Kadish. The film itself is an ode to the passing of a young girl and seeks to conjure up a sense of family grief and solidarity while representating a funeral march. Songs: Cave of Roses by Coil, 5ieme Gnossienne by Erik Satie and Rachmaninoff: Vocalise by Clara Rockmore. Video by Shannon Lester & Julia Prudhomme featuring Kristin Burns, Kristin Aleklett and David Kadish.




Penny Syrup (2012) was another video project Julia Prudhomme and Lester did together re-ennacting a dream Prudhomme had in which they were having a water gun fight with cough syrrup, and then a penny running down Lester's eye as he died. Prudhomme and Lester have worked on numerous projects together including Ambrosia Salad, Pneuma, and Penny Syrup.

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