Of Goddesses & Monsters (2016)

‘Of Goddesses & Monsters’ is a collection of acrylic paintings on canvas created over a 1 year period (2015-16). All of the works deal with identity politics, portraiture and the body specifically exploring gender roles and sexuality from a queer perspective. The people and creatures portrayed in this series are a combination of personal friends, models, original imaginary creatures, and pop culture icons whom I am interested in. Some of the characters portrayed are also embodiments of personal archetypes such as the Demon God portrayed in Illusions of Love and Hate or the self-portrait of my drag alter-ego Sasha Zamolodchikova (Femme Fatale/Serial killer, Cannibal, Witch) entitled Witches Brew. All of the paintings are imbued with very specific personal meanings and stories that I am more than happy to share with interested viewers.